Our 1st 5 years of history

In January 2015, Claudio Mazzaferro and Wesley Ortolani, respectively CEO and CFO at MZF4, started planning Mazzaferro Color Charts challenge. Since the beginning they designed a backward integrated provider of color charts and creative solutions with global reach. A high productivity benchmark facility was put in place to produce one million of color charts per year using approximately 100 million swatches of a wide variety of real hair color nuances.

600 base color filaments are extruded within MZF4 and transferred every day to Mazzaferro Color Charts robot mixers rendering more than 2.5 million different color nuance possibilities. This process drives to a solid, reliable and fast color matching. The backward integration was also extended to the creative process of designing a color chart. An innovation lab, composed by designers, is always ready to hear the customer briefing and transform it into a real product.

After five years of operation, we have been delivering our color charts to 20 countries. Our current portfolio is composed by 150 customers responsible for more than 300 different hair coloring brands. Among them L’Oréal (Majirel, Inoa, Garnier, Dia Richesse, Dia Light, Imedia, Nutrisse, Casting, Redken) and Coty (Koleston, BioColor, Clairol, Illumina, Wella Color) are the biggest ones. Located at MZF4 technology condominium, Mazzaferro Color Charts is a company with no trade-off: “the highest quality at very competitive prices”.